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Will these bodies fit my car?
With the exception of the 1/64 bodies, the short answer is No, unless otherwise indicated. All our bodies are designed with the scratchbuilder in mind and are not simply a drop on replacement. I most cases, these will require modification to an existing chassis or a scratchbuilt or custom chassis. There are simply too many variables to produce a custom body that will fit on everything.

Why Are The Bumpers Black ?
Black is what MUST be under any bright silver paint, in order to get the brightest possible finish. So we made these parts in black so there is no need for many coats of paint to obscure detail. It also is paint ready for Aclad or Metalizer type paints without prep.

Will mine look as good as the photos?
Absolutely! all our products are crisp and clean. No huge voids, major bubble holes or blow-throughs, no twisted, bent, or sagging bodies, no nasty flashing or misalignments. Painting them....well...that's up to you. Although not necessary, a light wash of the castings with soap and water, and you should have no problems. For the finest possible finish, a good quality airbrush and paint should be used.

What is the "Exclusive" all about ?
The Exclusive emblem denotes and item that was created exclusively by us and does not otherwise exist in that scale as a slot car or otherwise. That is unless it was stolen from us.

How long will it take to get my kit ?
We cast our kits on an "As Ordered" basis. however, there may be instances where multiple orders for the same kit are received, in which case kits will be made in the order recieved.  This will usually delay an order 2-3 additional days at max. How long it takes to receive the kit depends on the method of shipping and where you live.

Do you offer any 'custom' services ?
Yes, we can do and have done on occasion custom painting, machining and other casting on a one off basis. We can paint or assemble a car for you if needed. Please contact us to inquire.